Carwash Services


Pcarwash management system provides carwash solutions to manage, operate, track and generate real time reports to the carwash businesses

Registration Requirements

1. Valid Business Permit
2. CCTV Presence on the Premise
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The Benefits

Real Time Reports

The system allows auto generation of real time performance and commission reports...

Remote Carwash Tracking

The system allows the carwash owners to monitor their businesses at their own comfort hence increasing productivity.

Maintenance of Customer Database

Pcarwash allows the storage of customers data which can be retrieved for future use.

Elimination of Compromised Records

Pcarwash offers a cashless system that eliminates compromised records..


Pcarwash maintains the system 24/7..

Highly Secure

The system is highly secure with encrypted passwords and unique QR Codes.

The Steps

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Add Location

Assign Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for registration?
Can the Carwash drivers pick the client’s vehicles?
How much do you charge?
Our renumerations are commission based as per the Terms and conditions
Is the carwash responsible incase of an incidence of the car during transit?

Frequently Asked Questions

Incase of an incidence at the carwash, who’s responsible?
Is it possible to generate reports?
Is the system customizable to a certain carwash needs?
Yes, as long as it does not tamper with Pcarwash terms and conditions.
How secure is the carwash data?